Nutritious, Unique, and Full of Opportunity.

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Hemp is in.

Products derived from the hemp grain are 100% FDA approved and packed with nutritional density. The industrial hemp grain industry is a booming new agricultural commodity, with so much untapped potential that will surely set your menu or product line apart from the competition.  

Use the hemp seed oil in dressings and sauces as nutititious, bodily ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3. With a minor tweak to any any of your favorite  recipes, you’ll have hemp infused dish that will surely turn some heads and have your customers asking questions. 


Hempura ™ Hemp Protein Tempura Batter

You heard that correctly. This hemp protein-based tempura batter is a modern play on the traditional Japanese tempura. Let the natural flavors shine through your proteins, cheeses, vegetables, and more.